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Online Diaries

Focus Groups

A focus group is a group discussion with about 6-10 consumers, lead by a moderator. These group discussions usually last 1-2 hours. Focus groups can take place in-person at a specific location or online using a platform like Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangouts, etc.
Zoom Interviews

In-Depth Interviews

An in-depth Interview is a market research method that focuses on one participant at a time, allowing the moderator or interviewer to probe deeper in-depth on a particular topic. In-Depth Interviews can take place in-person at a specific location or online using a platform like Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangouts, etc.
Phone Interviews

Phone Interviews

Individual interview (between participant and a moderator) that takes place over the phone.
Online Communities

Online Surveys

An online survey is a questionnaire that is emailed to a participant to complete. Online surveys can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes, depending on the number of questions asked.
Product Tests

Online Diaries or Bulletin Boards

Online diaries and bulletin boards take place on an online platform and usually runs for multiple days. During the time the diary/board is open, the participant will be asked to log in and complete activities such as upload pictures or videos, answer survey questions, sorting exercises, journaling about product use and more.
Online Surveys

Online Communities

Similar to an online board, yet a community usually lasts for several months.
Gift Baskets

Product Tests

Some Product tests can take place right in your home (in-home usage test). A product will be mailed to you to use for a predetermined amount of time. Instructions on how to share feedback, usually in a form of an online journal or questionnaire are provided. Product tests can also be conducted in person at a specific location.
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Ethnography/ In-Home Interview

Usually takes place in your home or in the place where a product/service is normally used. This allows researchers to see how products/services are used in real world applications

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Our clients look to FF Focus Group panelists to give their opinions on a wide variety of products and services. Regardless of your age, gender, or background, we have an opportunity for you!

Business Professionals

Business Professionals

Are you a business decision maker? We work with some of the largest B2B brands looking for insights from business professionals just like you.

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, or a lab tech, FF Focus Group medical community provides valuable feedback from new medical devices to pharmaceutical research.

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